Trusted by professional athletes, celebrities, health professionals and fitness enthusiasts around the world, Power Plate assists health clubs and wellness facilities to meet the needs of their members with world class vibration training.

Built on decades of in-depth science and research, Power Plate can be integrated with other equipment or utilised as a stand-alone solution allowing PT’s and Operators to refresh their offering, drive differentiation, increase engagement and create a stronger exerciser experience. As fitness continues to evolve into a healthy, interconnected lifestyle, Power Plate works seamlessly with today’s clients and members to deliver accelerated health, fitness and wellness results.

Whole Body Vibration

Power Plate is the global leading vibrating platform that helps you Prepare Faster, Perform Better and Recover Quicker, stimulating natural reflexes, increasing muscle activation and improving circulation.

Targeted Vibration

The Targeted Vibration Products were designed and manufactured to assist everyone, regardless of fitness level, in training and recovery. Both portable and easy to use, these effective tools assists health clubs, wellness facilities and clinics to meet the needs of their members and clients through targeted therapy to the areas that needs it the most.

Self Powered Vibration

New for 2023, the global leader in whole body vibration is proud to introduce the Power Plate® REV™; an unparalleled new fitness experience.

Used together with the Power Plate lineup of products, REV creates a comprehensive new vibration training experience encompassing preparation, movement and recovery - delivering an unparalleled fitness experience with Vibe Shift Technology.

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Head of Human Performance for Alpine Academy

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